Paradise Dam

Paradise Dam is located approximately 20km north-west of Biggenden and 80km south-west of Bundaberg. It is owned, managed and operated by Sunwater.

Record flooding events in the region in 2013 caused significant damage to Paradise Dam.

The Queensland Government and Sunwater are working closely with key stakeholders on a number of initiatives to ensure the safety of downstream communities, as well as ongoing water security for the Burnett region.

Commission of inquiry

The Paradise Dam Commission of Inquiry report was delivered on 30 April 2020.

The Queensland Government publicly released the report and the Queensland Government’s response (PDF, 300.4KB) on 21 May 2020. It accepted all 8 of the Commission’s recommendations, with Recommendation 3 accepted in principle.

We are currently consulting with a Stakeholder Reference Group on proposals for implementing the Commission’s recommendations. This group includes:

  • key dam owners and operators
  • peak bodies and industry groups
  • water entities (state-owned and local government)
  • design and construction consultants.

In addition, we will undertake a comprehensive review of the Queensland Dam Safety Management Guidelines (PDF, 1.3MB). This will finalise a process of consultation that has been ongoing between the department and dam owners and operators for the last 2 years.

Amendments to water-sharing rules

While further investigations into longer-term improvements for Paradise Dam continue, the Queensland Government has approved Sunwater’s application to amend the water-sharing rules to maximise allocations in the Bundaberg Water Supply Scheme.

From 1 July 2020, the new water-sharing rules will remove Sunwater’s existing unsold water allocations from the Burnett River sub-scheme announced allocation formula.

These amendments will maximise the amount of water available to farmers and businesses throughout the region.

For more information on water allocations for the Bundaberg Water Supply Scheme, visit the Sunwater website.

Last updated: 24 Mar 2021