Our strategic direction

The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water (DRDMW) became a unified department on 12 November 2020.

The DRDMW Strategic Plan 2023-2027 (revised) (PDF, 400.7KB) reflects our department’s evolving vision, purpose and objectives, and our role in delivering the priorities of the Queensland Government.

The DRDMW Strategic Plan 2023-2027 was updated in March 2024 following the machinery of government changes on 18 December 2023.

Previous Strategic Plans

Superseded DRDMW’s Strategic Plan 2023-2027 (PDF, 353.1KB)

DRDMW 2022-26 Strategic Plan (PDF, 313.7KB)

DRDMW 2021-25 Strategic Plan (PDF, 101.5KB)

DRDMW 2020-24 Strategic Plan (PDF, 146.0KB)

Last updated: 09 Dec 2022