Our policies

The department has a large number of policies, procedures and guidelines which affect the services that we provide to the community.

Copies of these documents are available for inspection in accordance with section 20 of the Right to Information Act 2009. Please note that some information may be deleted or withheld if its release is deemed exempt or contrary to the public interest.

Please contact us for more information on our policies and procedures.

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Burdekin groundwater management area - Water sharing rulesPolicyWater / Managing water use6.03277
Code for self-assessable development of subartesian boresProcedureWater / Managing water use1.08585
Code for self-assessable development of replacement boresPolicyWater / Managing water use2.08594
Code for self-assessable development for taking overland flow water using limited capacity worksProcedureWater / Managing water use7.07630
Code for self-assessable developments for taking overland flow water for stock and domestic purposesProcedureWater / Managing water use9.06631
Bowen groundwater management area water sharing and seasonal water assignment rulesPolicyWater / Managing water use4.07636
Code for self-assessable development for taking overland flow water to satisfy the requirements of an environmental authority or a development permit for carrying out an environmental relevant activityPolicyWater / Managing water use3.05668
Riverine protection permit exemption requirementsPolicyWater / Managing water use2.01726
Queensland Non-urban Water Metering Policy for Unsupplemented Water Extractions 2014PolicyWater / Managing water use1.031098
Queensland interim water meter standard for non-urban meteringStandardWater / Managing water use3.021170
Minimum Standards for the construction and reconditioning of water bores that intersect the sediments of artesian basins in QueenslandStandardWater Act 2000 / Underground water management1.023189
Water bore drillers licensing handbookGuidelineWater Act 2000 / Underground water management1.033440
State Development Assessment Provisions guidance material: State code 15 removal of quarry material from a watercourse or lakeGuidelineWater / Managing water use2.003912
State Development Assessment Provision guidance material: State code 10 taking or interfering with waterGuidelineWater / Managing water use2.003913
Guideline: Works that interfere with water in a watercourse for a resource activitywatercourse diversions authorised under the Water Act 2000GuidelineWater / Managing water use2.004599
Self-assessable code for the construction of new levees or the modification of existing leveesCodeWater / Regulating the water industry2.004680
Guideline: Data logger requirements for water meters for non-urban meteringGuidelineWater / Managing water use1.004971
Exemption requirements for constructing authorities for the take of water without a water entitlementGuidelineWater / Managing water use4.015467
Guideline for issuing a residential water rate notice outside South East QueenslandGuidelineWater / Regulating the water industry2.005494
Asset management planning: guideline for water service providersGuidelineWater / Managing water use1.005545
Drought management plans and water restrictions: guideline for developmentGuidelineWater / Managing water use1.005546
Water supply planning: guideline for water service providersGuidelineWater / Managing water use1.005547
Water Security Program Guidelines South East QueenslandGuidelineWater / Managing water use5.005778

Last updated: 14 Jul 2021