Our boards

We have a range of boards and committees. You can read about some of our boards below, or see a more detailed list of all our boards and their members.

Our boards include a mix of paid (regulated remuneration rates) and voluntary positions. Read about how Queensland Government boards work, including how board members are remunerated.

Note: Public sector employees, employed full-time or part-time, who are appointed as part-time chairs or members of government bodies are not to be paid daily fees or annual allowances except where this is approved by government.

Water boards

Water authority boards

Water authorities, including local water boards, carry out a range of local water activities.

This can include water supply, provision of drainage systems, riverine protection, soil erosion control, and management of recreational areas.

Water authorities are established under the Water Act 2000 and are classified as either Category 1 or Category 2. Category 1 water authorities operate on a much larger scale than Category 2 water authorities.

River improvement trust boards

River improvement trusts are established to protect and improve rivers. They are responsible for improving the flow of water in rivers to correct erosion and reduce the impact of flood waters.

At present there are 11 river improvement trusts established under the River Improvement Trust Act 1940.

Water Act Referral Panel

The Water Act Referral Panel provides independent advice and recommendations to the Chief Executive on a range of water planning matters and to the Minister on moratorium matters, under Chapter 2 of the Water Act 2000.

Last updated: 03 Jun 2021