Consultations and initiatives

  • Mary Basin water plan

    Preliminary public consultation notice to commence the replacement of the current Mary Basin water plan.

  • Irrigation pricing discounts 2021-24

    Irrigation prices set by the Queensland Government for water supplied by Seqwater and Sunwater will now have discounts applied for the three-year period from 2021-22 to 2023-24.

  • Regional Water Assessment Program

    Through the Regional Water Assessments program, the Queensland Government is investing a total of $9 million over the next 4 years to better define opportunities to achieve economic development through water at a regional scale

  • Building Big Rocks Weir

    Big Rocks Weir will supply a potential 10,000 megalitres of additional water to expand agriculture, industry and urban water security for North Queensland.

  • Bradfield regional assessment and development panel

    Details of the independent panel of experts investigating projects to divert flows from the Wet Tropics across the Great Dividing Range.

  • Paradise Dam

    The Queensland Government and Sunwater are working with Paradise Dam stakeholders to ensure safe and secure water supplies for the Burnett region.

  • Rookwood Weir

    Help maximise the benefits of the Rookwood Weir project and get involved in shaping changes to the Fitzroy Basin Water Plan.

  • Tamborine Mountain and Springbrook groundwater

    A moratorium on new groundwater bores on Tamborine Mountain and Springbrook is in place while research and community engagement are undertaken.

  • Rural Water Futures

    Information on the Rural Water Futures program and how it will drive more transparent and sustainable rural water management across the state.

  • Bulk water security strategy

    The future strategy for bulk water security in Queensland, including infrastructure and investment.

  • Lower Burdekin Groundwater Strategy

    How we are developing of a strategy to address rising groundwater in the Lower Burdekin.

  • Great Artesian Basin rehabilitation programs

    Read about measures to prevent uncontrolled water flows and to replace bore drains with pipes in the Queensland Great Artesian Basin.

  • Drought resilience package for the Southern Downs region

    The Queensland Government, in partnership with the Southern Downs Regional Council, Toowoomba Regional Council, Seqwater and Sunwater, is implementing a drought resilience package for the Southern Downs.

Last updated: 24 Mar 2021