Queensland water strategy

Water supports industry and jobs, the food we eat and the world around us.

Water used wisely over time will give us thriving regions across Queensland.

It will become even more vital as we prepare for climate change impacts and a growing population.

New sectors like hydrogen and critical minerals will also need to access water.

Caring for water means we need to use it fairly, make sure our water is secure and that everyone can afford it.

Strong relationships and shared stewardship will help us to face the challenges ahead and to take care of the social, cultural and environmental values we want now and for the future .

The Queensland Water Strategy | Water. Our Life Resource outlines the vision and actions that will guide us over the next five years.

Regions, government and industry are working together to secure water and plan for the future.

Download the draft strategy (PDF, 4.9MB) released for feedback.


Queensland's sustained and secure water resources are central to the state's economic transformation and legacy we will pass on to future generations.


Water powers our people, planet and economic success in a net zero world.


  • Healthy rivers and sustainable water management.
  • Water for regional economic prosperity.
  • Safe and secure water supply.
  • First Nations partnerships, access and ownership.

How to have your say

Complete the survey to have your say before 3 October 2023.

We will update the website and social media channels to keep you informed.

Working together

People across all levels of government, universities, First Nations groups, regions and industry have shaped this strategy.

Focused on creating long-term, secure and sustained water, they looked at actions to date, policies, and the risks and challenges facing Queensland.

The Strategy has grown from the Queensland Bulk Water Opportunities Statement (QBWOS). It responds to feedback from industry and government that they wanted a strategy with a broader focus.

What comes next

Throughout August and September we will continue to consult with industry on the draft strategy.

This feedback, as well as information from this public consultation, will guide the final Strategy. We expect to publish that in October 2023.

We will report each year and highlight success stories from our work and our stakeholders.

Contact us

To find out more or contact the project team about a topic of interest please email waterreform@rdmw.qld.gov.au.

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Last updated: 07 Sep 2023