Moreton water plan

The process to review and replace the Water Plan (Moreton) 2007 is underway. We need to develop a replacement water plan that addresses current and emerging issues within the water plan area (PDF, 1.3MB).

About the water plan area

The Moreton water plan area covers more than 15,000 square kilometres and encompasses the largest urban area within Queensland.

The plan area includes the catchments of the Brisbane, Pine and Caboolture Rivers as well as Cabbage Tree and Pumicestone Creeks.

It features several large water storages including Somerset, Wivenhoe and North Pine dams. There are seven water supply schemes that supply water for irrigation and urban and industrial purposes.

The Moreton water plan currently manages water in a watercourse, lake or spring, overland flow water, and groundwater in three groundwater management areas.

Preliminary public consultation

A preliminary public consultation notice (PDF, 255.6KB) has been released to advise the community and all stakeholders about the proposed planning process, including development of a replacement water plan and its associated implementation documents.

We are seeking community feedback on key issues to be considered in the development of a new draft water plan for the Moreton region.

Submissions close 5pm, Friday 2 February 2024.

The replacement Moreton water plan will be based on the best available science including new hydrologic, socioeconomic, environmental, and cultural technical assessments and underpinned by consultation with the community, to best meet the needs of the diverse range of water users, and the environment.

Key issues to be considered during the review and replacement include:

  • effectiveness of outcomes, measures, strategies and performance indicators set out in the water plan
  • future urban water supply requirements in the plan area to achieve regional water security
  • water security for communities outside the SEQ Water Grid
  • underground water management
  • effectiveness of water sharing and water trading rules
  • effectiveness of environmental management rules
  • incorporating best-available science, including consideration of climate change on water availability and the water needs for the environment
  • effectiveness of overland flow management
  • current and emerging interests of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders, and Native Title holders in relation to water resources in the plan area
  • reviewing entitlements without volumetric limits
  • requirements under the Human Rights Act 2019.

How to make a submission

Public input is central to Queensland’s water planning framework to best balance the needs of existing and future water users as well as protecting the natural environment. If you have an interest in how water is managed in the Moreton region, your input to help guide our review is welcome.

For further information or to make a submission please contact us:

  • Email
  • Phone 07 3708 8999
  • Post to

    Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water
    Chief Executive
    Water Planning and Science South Region
    Attention: Senior Policy Officer
    GPO Box 2247
    Brisbane QLD 4001

Submissions close 5pm, Friday 2 February 2024.

This is the first stage of consultation for the Moreton water plan review and your feedback will help shape the new draft water plan. There will be further opportunities for local stakeholders and the community to have their say on the development of the replacement water plan.

Engagement with stakeholders

Early and ongoing engagement is a critical component in the review and development of a replacement water plan. We are engaging with people to help the community understand the water plan development process, discuss issues and opportunities, and ultimately improve the plan itself.

Engagement provides the opportunity to draw on people’s collective knowledge, and to build collaborative support and involvement in the water planning process. We believe that through active, genuine and cooperative engagement we will achieve a sustainable water plan for the Moreton region.

A targeted engagement strategy is being used by the department during development of the replacement water plan. This includes engagement with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders which is crucial to improved understanding of current and emerging cultural water needs in the plan area.

Our engagement strategy aims to:

  • enable more detailed, focused and efficient discussion of matters that were identified during consultation with relevant stakeholder groups
  • provide a safe and constructive environment for collaborative stakeholder involvement.

A variety of engagement activities and communication tools will be used during the development of the replacement water plan, for example:

  • individual meetings with stakeholder groups and communities
  • on country meetings with Traditional Owners and First Nations peoples
  • meetings during the draft water plan public consultation and submission phase
  • presentations at peak industry water engagement forums
  • website and social media communication
  • publication of technical and research reports and supporting information.

Further information

If you need any further information or wish to discuss the Moreton water plan with someone from the department, please contact us.

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Last updated: 03 Nov 2023