Bulk water security strategy

Queensland bulk water opportunities statement

The Queensland bulk water opportunities statement (QBWOS) is the bulk water security strategy and direction statement for Queensland. It is one of 5 strategic infrastructure documents outlined in the State Infrastructure Plan.

QBWOS outlines the Queensland Government’s objectives for bulk water supply infrastructure of:

  • making better use of existing water resources and water supply infrastructure
  • prioritising investment in new infrastructure, where and when it is needed.

The statement describes how the government aims to get the right balance between better using the bulk water infrastructure we already have and committing to new projects into the future.

QBWOS was first published in July 2017 and is now released in 2 parts:

Content of the statement

QBWOS includes information on the government's actions to meet its objectives for Queensland's water resources:

  • Safety and reliability of dams and urban water supplies
  • Use existing water resources more efficiently
  • Support infrastructure development that provides a commercial return to bulk water providers
  • Consider projects that will provide regional economic benefits

The QBWOS Part A: Strategic framework will be updated every 5 years.

The QBWOS Part B: 2019-20 Program update provides an annual update on:

  • the 16 policy initiatives and opportunities that advance the government’s bulk water objectives
  • bulk water infrastructure developments across the state
  • a comprehensive annual water account (i.e. how much water is available across the state).

Best practice demand assessment

Assessing demand for water: Guidance for project proponents (PDF, 1.3MB) delivers on a major opportunity identified in QBWOS.

It provides clear and concise direction for project proponents developing new bulk water infrastructure proposals.

The guidance is complementary to the Building Queensland's Business case development framework and the Queensland Treasury's Project assessment framework.

The guidance informs water demand assessment at all stages of business case development. Project proponents are encouraged to follow the guidance to ensure business cases include robust demand assessments.

Mapping resources

Mapping resources, including the story map and Queensland Globe, provide supporting information.

QBWOS story map

The QBWOS story map provides:

  • a visual (i.e. spatial and graphical) representation of existing bulk water supply infrastructure across Queensland
  • an annual water account with details of water entitlements and availability
  • climate related data
  • details of bulk water infrastructure projects currently and recently under investigation.

Access the QBWOS story map

Queensland Globe

The bulk water infrastructure layer in Queensland Globe provides a detailed graphical display of key information for Queensland bulk water supply infrastructure integrated with other Queensland Globe layers.

This resource will be updated to align with the revised QBWOS in mid-2020.

Access Queensland Globe

Future stages

QBWOS Part B will be reviewed and updated annually to incorporate new information and the results of stakeholder and community feedback.

The review process provides an opportunity to be responsive to changing community and industry priorities, as well as providing information to the community about the progress of proposed initiatives and investments under consideration.

Contact us

For more information, or to have your say, email QBWOS@dnrme.qld.gov.au.

Last updated: 24 Mar 2021