Bulk water security strategy

Queensland bulk water opportunities statement

The Queensland bulk water opportunities statement (QBWOS) is the bulk water security strategy and direction statement for Queensland. It describes how we aim to use our water resources to grow our economy, create jobs and improve the liveability of our communities.

QBWOS describes the Queensland Government’s objectives for bulk water supply, in order of priority:

  • ensure the safety and reliability of dams and urban water supplies
  • use existing water resources more efficiently
  • support commercially viable bulk water infrastructure development
  • consider investing in water projects that will provide regional economic benefits.

The statement describes the actions the government is taking to achieve the objectives and contribute to a strong, sustainable and resilient Queensland.

Content of the statement

QBWOS is published in 2 parts:

QBWOS Part A: Strategic framework describes:

  • the objectives for bulk water supply
  • the principles that guide our decisions to invest in water infrastructure
  • background and context including risks and opportunities, responsibilities and the policy environment
  • the QBWOS Part A: Strategic framework was first published in 2017.

QBWOS Part B: Program update provides an annual update on:

  • policy initiatives and opportunities to advance the government’s bulk water objectives
  • planning and development of key bulk water infrastructure projects
  • current water entitlements that are available across the state.

Queensland Water Strategy

Following a review of the QBWOS earlier this year which included feedback from stakeholders, planning for a strategy refresh involving stakeholders commenced.

The review and feedback process highlighted an opportunity to extend the focus to provide a more holistic view of water beyond just infrastructure and bulk water supply matters. This has resulted in the development of the Queensland water strategy and consultation to help shape it.

Read more about this initiative and how it will replace and build on the foundations of QBWOS.

The new strategy is expected to be finalised later in 2023.

Mapping resources

Mapping resources, including the story map and Queensland Globe, provide supporting information to the QBWOS. The data supporting both these tools is updated annually following release of the QBWOS Part B: Program update.

QBWOS story map

The QBWOS story map provides a visual representation of the information presented in the QBWOS, including:

  • the location and size of all our major dams and weirs, and water supply schemes
  • an annual summary of water entitlements
  • climate related data
  • details of bulk water infrastructure projects currently and recently under investigation.

Access the QBWOS story map

Queensland Globe

The Queensland Globe is an interactive mapping and data tool. The bulk water opportunities layer in Queensland Globe provides graphical information and data on dams, weirs and water supply schemes in the state, integrated with other Queensland Globe layers.

Access Queensland Globe

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Last updated: 19 Jan 2023