Rookwood Weir

Rookwood Weir is on track to provide new economic and employment opportunities for the agricultural industry and the community of Central Queensland.

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About Rookwood Weir

Rookwood Weir is a $367 million water infrastructure investment to drive new economic and employment opportunities for the agricultural industry and the community of Central Queensland.

The thousands of megalitres of water that Rookwood Weir will make available will underpin agricultural, industrial and urban growth in Central Queensland.

We are working alongside Sunwater to ensure that our water planning supports the water products Sunwater will be bringing to market. To find out more about the Rookwood Weir project or accessing water from Sunwater’s scheme, visit the project page, or contact the Sunwater team by emailing or calling 1800 423 213.

The Rookwood Weir project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments, delivered in partnership with Sunwater.

Map showing the proposed location of the Rookwood Weir in the context of the Fitzroy Basin area. Rookwood Weir will be constructed on the Fitzroy River, Central Queensland, approximately 66km south-west of Rockhampton.
Proposed location of Rookwood Weir in the Fitzroy Basin
Google map co-ordinates: Rookwood Weir 23°32'30.8"S 150°00'56.6"E

Rookwood Weir crest height optimisation

Through the detailed design process, Sunwater with its design and construction partners identified an opportunity to raise the crest height of Rookwood weir by 700mm – optimising the yield the weir will deliver. The Queensland Government has committed to funding this improvement to ensure Rookwood Weir delivers for Central Queensland.

Find out more about the height optimisation on Sunwater’s project page.

Water planning process and timeline

Rookwood Weir is a critical piece of water infrastructure for Central Queensland and we’re committed to working together with Sunwater and the community to make it a success. A key aspect of this is bringing Rookwood Weir into the region's water planning process.

The amendments to the Water Plan (Fitzroy Basin) 2011 have been finalised to support the Rookwood Weir project.

These amendments are the result of 12 months of public consultation and scientific analysis to ensure the water from Rookwood Weir supports local environmental, cultural, agricultural and urban needs into the future.

To support operation of the Rookwood Weir Water Supply Scheme, we are currently working alongside Sunwater to amend the Fitzroy Basin water management protocol, Resource Operations Licence and Operations Manual.

Timeline for Fitzroy Basin water planning and Rookwood Weir

Establishment of Fitzroy Basin water plan 2011
Consultation on statement of proposals to amend the Fitzroy Basin water plan to include Rookwood Weir April to June 2020
Rookwood Weir water market engagement by Sunwater May 2020
Rookwood Weir design completed by Sunwater End of 2020
Rookwood Weir construction starts April 2021
Final water plan amendment June 2021
Amendments made to operational instruments relating to the operation of Rookwood Weir 2022-2023
Rookwood Weir commissioned and operational 2023

Business considerations

Investment opportunities and the water allocation offer process are being managed by Sunwater on behalf of the Queensland Government.

For more information on the offer process, read about Sunwater’s Rookwood Weir Project water plan and sales.

If you’re considering securing water from Rookwood Weir to grow your business, you can start planning now. Before you begin, you should obtain independent professional advice relevant for your business.

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2022