First Nations water strategy

As part of the Queensland Government’s Path to Treaty, the department has been allocated $11.7 million over 3 years. This will support stronger, more meaningful engagement with First Nations communities, and more culturally inclusive water planning.

As part of this work, $4.5 million will fund the development of a First Nations water strategy. This will be codesigned over 3 years with First Nations peoples.

First Nations water strategy development

We respect the particular importance of safe, secure and sustainable water to First Nations peoples and cultures.

The development of a First Nations water strategy will provide a framework for delivering these water aspirations.

The strategy will look at 3 themes:

  • access to clean sustainable water
  • empowering engagement with First Nations communities and partnerships across agencies
  • two-way learning and capacity building.

We are committed to providing time for First Nations peoples to yarn in safety with departmental staff.

Project timeline

We will work with First Nations communities over 3 years to co-design the strategy, starting with the scope or terms of reference.

First year

On country engagement to develop the scope of the strategy.

In mid 2024 we will publish a listening report, summarising these discussions. The report will outline the scope of the strategy and how we will continue to work with First Nations communities to develop and report on it.

Second year

On-country engagement to develop the draft strategy.

We will continue to work with First Nations groups to develop and publish a discussion paper in mid 2025.

Third year

Further on-country engagement will finalise the strategy, and agree on an implementation plan by mid 2026.

Project updates

As well as the annual milestones, the terms of reference will include information about how and when the community will be updated on the project.

Further information

Contact for more information.

Last updated: 04 Aug 2023