Notification of works in the Granite Belt underground water sub-area

To better understand, manage and protect the Granite Belt underground water sub-area in the Stanthorpe area, we are collecting information from landholders on existing works that capture or interfere with underground water in the decomposed (weathered) granite.

By notifying us, your existing works or infrastructure will be formally identified and considered when managing this water resource in a way that protects existing water users.

Capturing this information will also help ensure Queensland can meet its commitments under the Murray Darling Basin Plan 2012.

About the Granite Belt underground water sub-area

The Water Plan (Border Rivers and Moonie) 2019 sets out how water is managed and the rules that govern access to water in the Granite Belt underground water sub-area (GBUWA). Due to high levels of connectivity between overland flow (surface water) and underground water in the weathered layer of the granite geology, the water plan manages these as a joint resource.

To protect this resource and existing water users, the department implemented a moratorium to prevent any new or enhanced works that take, or interfere with, underground water for any purpose other than stock or domestic use. This moratorium came into effect in 6 July 2016 and the restriction on these works is now covered by the 2019 water plan.

What needs to be notified

You can check if your property falls within the Granite Belt underground water sub-area by looking at the Queensland Globe.

Granite Belt landholders are required to provide details of works that commenced in the GBUWA before 6 July 2016 such as:

  • excavations
  • interception trenches and any associated ring tanks
  • spring fed dams
  • bores or wells.

Notifiable works include those relating to horticulture, industrial, tourism, commercial or food processing.

This information must be provided to the department using the notification form (PDF, 281.9KB).

What does not need to be notified

The following types of works do not need to be reported:

  • any works that have previously been notified, for example overland flow dams
  • works used to take water for stock or domestic purposes only.

If in doubt about whether or not you need to notify your works, please complete the notification form or contact the department by phoning 07 4529 1347 or emailing

How to notify the department

Complete and print the online notification form (PDF, 281.9KB) and either:

  • Post your completed form to:
    Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water
    South Region Water Planning
    PO Box 318
    Toowoomba Qld 4350

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Last updated: 15 Mar 2024