What is a water plan transcript

What is a water plan?

Water is important to the lives and livelihoods of all Queenslanders. Whether you're in Cape York, the southeast or the Outback we all use water.

To make sure water is shared between all water users the Queensland government works with various groups including the community to plan how water should be used and shared. These water plans take into account the needs of different water users, environmental considerations and the cultural value of water.

There are 22 water plan areas in Queensland, based on water catchments, rather than local government boundaries or regions. These catchments are regions that collect surface water and rain into a body of water such as a stream, river, lake or reservoir.

A 23rd water plan manages the great Artesian Basin, an underground water system which overlaps with many of the other water plan regions.

Water plans are based on the best available science and are tailored to the specific conditions of each region including climate, rainfall patterns, water availability and supply systems. We use the information we gather to adapt and review our plans over time.

Water plans manage the water sources specific to each plan area. This includes water bodies, overland flow, as well as water stored underground, also known as groundwater. Water plans take into account water sources, water uses, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural value of water and the environment.

By working together, we can ensure water is sustainably managed between water users and the environment for the future benefit of all Queenslanders.


Last updated: 02 Nov 2023