Enhanced regulatory approach

We are reviewing existing regulatory frameworks to identify any changes that might be required to support improved compliance and water measurement.

The first phase of regulatory improvements came into effect in 2019 through changes to the Water Regulation 2016 and the Water Act 2000.

Water regulation amendments included enhanced water meter validation provisions and the requirement for water entitlement holders to report faulty meters.

Water Act changes:

  • established a new offence for taking more water, or taking water at a greater rate, than authorised by the water entitlement
  • increased the penalty for failure to comply with a water compliance notice
  • clarified liability for entitlement holders sharing an unsupplemented water meter
  • supported additional processes for ensuring unsupplemented water meter faults are identified and repaired.

The next phase of regulatory changes are likely to focus on enhancements to water metering rules and arrangements. This will happen after the measurement policy has been finalised.

Projects and timelines

Current projects

Regulatory changes to support implementation of the measurement and overland flow policies 2021–2023
Develop and publish communication materials and other resources to support entitlement holders to meet requirements under the strengthened measurement policy framework  From 2022

Completed projects

Amend regulations to enhance faulty meter reporting and meter validation requirements Completed February 2019
Review legislation and policies to identify possible enhancements to water compliance arrangements Completed 2019

More information

Last updated: 06 Dec 2021