Transparent water information

We are focused on delivering timely, accessible and responsive water information and services to our customers.

We are working with our stakeholders to develop innovative information, communication and technology strategies, which will enable our customers to easily access water information and services.

This aligns with the Queensland Government priority to be a responsive government.

Our approach

We will investigate technology and digital solutions to ensure customers and the community have better access to accurate and timely water information. Some of our key objectives are to:

  • encourage more efficient use of the resources available
  • support water markets and trading and access to unallocated water
  • improve the effectiveness of our compliance activities
  • increase public confidence in how our water resources are regulated.

This work will include:

  • developing systems to capture data to measure and monitor water use more effectively and efficiently
  • making more information about water authorisations publicly available and accessible
  • establishing future water information system requirements.

Projects and timelines

Key projectsTimelines
Undertake a water dashboard trial in two water management areas to provide water users with information on their entitlements, water availability and their usage
Note: The trial has enabled us to better understand our customers’ information needs and will help us to further enhance our systems so that water users across the state can access accurate, timely water information.
Completed March 2018
Develop a water entitlement viewer - an interactive online platform to access information about water entitlements Completed February 2019
Develop a future state roadmap that sets the direction for transforming the water business, including water information systems to support contemporary, effective and sustainable water management and compliance Completed December 2019
Undertake a statewide review and audit of our hydrometric networks 2019 to August 2021
Require resource operations licence holders to report to us on the condition and quality of their hydrometric monitoring networks Completed August 2020

Last updated: 10 Jun 2021