Laser technology package gives Cairns manufacturer the cutting-edge

Cairns based electrical switch gear manufacturer, C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd, has been working with the Cairns Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program to become an advanced manufacturer and is using the latest technology to grow their business.

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Fast facts


C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd


Cairns, Far North Queensland


Currently 36 FTEs

Grant funding

$539,260 from the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program (2020-21)


  • Purchase and install a NitroCube nitrogen generator and laser cutting equipment
  • Train staff in use of new technology

Benefits gained

  • Increased production capacity and reduced production costs
  • Up to 8 new FTEs upon project completion

Future growth

  • Increased productivity, new jobs and high-skilled roles developed

C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd has been manufacturing in Queensland since 1996 and delivers off-the-shelf as well as customised product and equipment solutions for the metalliferous mining industry.

C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd designs, manufactures and maintains high-quality engineered mining solutions to perform in the toughest of environmental and operational conditions around Australia and the world.

With the assistance of the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program, C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd has transformed into an advanced manufacturer and is looking to increase its operational capacity.

Worker in high visibility clothing operating manufacturing equipment

Why the Manufacturing Hubs Grant program?

Through the Queensland Government’s Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program for regional manufacturers, C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd worked with the Cairns Hub to identify areas where it could increase productivity and reduce costs by becoming an advanced manufacturer.

The Cairns Manufacturing Hub helped C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd with its advanced manufacturing ideas and assisted with the purchase of a NitroCube nitrogen generator and laser cutting equipment.

What did the project involve?

C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd’s new equipment, which includes the first NitroCube in Australia, replaced an outdated turret punch and enabled the company to lower its prices and expand its international market share. C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd’s Managing Director, Tony Cristaudo said that the new equipment has helped the business to grow.

“Everything we manufacture is custom made and the new equipment has enabled us to reduce metal cutting and punching time by up to 80%.” Mr Cristaudo said.

“The reduced production time makes us so much more competitive and will allow us to expand further internationally where 45% of our market is currently based.

“We’re excited to be the first business in Australia to adopt the NitroCube technology which enables us to produce our own nitrogen gas required to power the laser cutter and eliminates the need for us to organise the purchase and delivery of nitrogen cylinders which is a considerable expense.”

What happens next?

Mr Cristaudo said that by becoming an advanced manufacturer and using the latest state-of-the-art technology, C.I.E (Cristaudo's Industrial Electrics) Pty Ltd will be able to increase productivity and put on more staff.

“Thanks to new efficiencies and sharper pricing structures resulting from the acquisition of the laser cutter and NitroCube package, the business is set to become more cost effective and we’re calculating that we’ll need 8 more staff to keep up with demand.

“The Cairns Manufacturing Hub has been great with helping us on our journey to become an advanced manufacturer and adopt leading edge technology so we can continue to grow the business.”

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Last updated: 11 Aug 2021