Reverse engineering and virtual technology a game changer for Gladstone manufacturer

Gladstone-based mechanical engineering manufacturer, Mecha Pty Ltd, has been working with the Gladstone manufacturing hub to invest in reverse engineering technology with the help of the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program.

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Fast facts


Mecha Pty Ltd


Gladstone, Central Queensland



Grant funding



  • Reverse engineering project
  • 2 laser scanners
  • 1 portable x-ray machine
  • HoloLens + VR headsets
  • Holographic Wall and software
  • 3D printer


  • 6 new employees
  • Upskilling of 5 employees
  • Reduced lead time for niche parts
  • 50% reduction in planning time through virtual design and collaboration

Future growth

  • Expansion into oil and gas sector
  • Applications for defence and renewables

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Last updated: 27 Oct 2021