3D scanning and printing technology helps Cairns manufacturer make its mark

Far North Queensland based engineering firm, EDMS Australia, has become an advanced manufacturer thanks to the assistance of the Cairns Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program in purchasing new technology.

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Fast facts


EDMS Australia


Cairns, Far North Queensland


Currently 34 FTEs

Grant funding

$150,449 from the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program (2020-21)


  • The purchase of a commercial grade hand-held scanner
  • The purchase of a commercial grade 3D printer
  • Train staff in use of new technology

Benefits gained

  • Increased production capacity and reduced production costs
  • 2 new FTEs
  • Increase in customer base
  • Complement EDMS Australia's engineering and 3D design business transforming engineers and designers into manufacturers of functional products
  • Technology for prototyping and validation of designs and the production of end-use products, especially complex jigs and fixtures at much lower costs than traditional manufacturing processes

Future growth

  • Expand business operations, create new jobs

With an office and workshop presence in both Cairns and Townsville, EDMS Australia was established in 2005 and provides a diverse range of fabrication, engineering, site construction and bespoke engineering services for the agriculture, food, defence, marine, renewable energy, and resources industries.

With the assistance of the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program, EDMS Australia has become an advanced manufacturer and is looking to expand its business operations using technology that is unique in Far North Queensland.

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Why the Manufacturing Hubs Grant program?

EDMS Australia Director, Michael Hagen, said they had identified areas in the business they could improve upon in their engineering, fabrication and manufacturing services.

“We knew that if we had access to advanced manufacturing technology, that it would complement the firm’s mechanical, electrical engineering and 3D design division by providing an economical, fast and low-waste solution for the development of functional prototypes, complex jigs and fixtures, and end-use products.” Mr Hagen said.

What did the project involve?

Mr Hagen said that EDMS Australia acquired industrial grade 3D scanning and printing technology through the Manufacturing Hubs Grant program.

“The Cairns Manufacturing Hub have been a great help in assisting us to purchase a commercial grade hand-held scanner, a high-end desk top 3D printer, and a commercial grade 3D printer suitable for producing parts from nylon, fiberglass, carbon fibre and kevlar composites.

“The 3D scanning and printing capability offers a quick and cost-effective means of producing items much faster and at a significantly lower cost than traditional machining, casting and extrusion processes.

“This technology will enable us to take EDMS Australia to the next level by offering services not currently available in the region, which will allow us to leverage the opportunity to provide niche services at a commercial scale and industrial level.”

Last updated: 11 Aug 2021