Telemetry implementation requirements

Queensland’s non-urban water measurement policy (PDF, 2.1MB) (the policy) and implementation plan (PDF, 660.3KB) states the government’s intent to require telemetry on surface water meters in high-risk water management areas in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.

Subsidising the cost of telemetry devices

To offset the cost to water users to implement telemetry in these areas, the department has secured funding from the Australian Government to subsidise the cost of installing telemetry devices. The funding will cover the upfront cost of the telemetry device, installation and the first year of data services. Ongoing maintenance and data services after the first year will then be the responsibility of the water entitlement holder.

Implementation areas

Surface water entitlement holders in the following water management areas are eligible to participate in the telemetry subsidy:

  • Lower Balonne
  • Condamine and Balonne
  • Upper Condamine
  • Condamine and Balonne Tributaries
  • Moonie
  • Stanthorpe.

These areas align with Queensland’s non-urban water measurement policy implementation plan and the new metering and meter revalidation timeframes 2022 – 2024. Water users who are required to validate or install new meters as part of these ongoing metering activities may wish to take advantage of the telemetry subsidy and have a telemetry device installed at the same time as their meter revalidation or replacement. Note that the telemetry subsidy only applies to the telemetry device, installation and setup. Meter validation costs remain the responsibility of the water user.

Telemetry device installation

The department has engaged Goanna Ag to supply and install the subsidised telemetry devices. Goanna Ag will work directly with eligible water entitlement holders to arrange installation. The telemetry subsidy information sheet (PDF, 722.8KB) provides the details of what you need to know and what you need to do.

Participation is voluntary

Participation in the telemetry subsidy program is voluntary for eligible water entitlement holders. If you choose not to participate, you may not have another opportunity to have the costs of telemetry implementation subsidised and you will be responsible for the full cost of telemetry purchase, installation and setup.

Use of telemetry data

As telemetry devices are progressively installed during the program, the department will start receiving water use data from these devices. The department will use this data for information to support its water management and regulatory responsibilities. Like we do now, we will review data we receive and engage with entitlement holders to understand what the data is telling us.

Statutory meter reads

While the telemetry program continues to be rolled out, manual meter reads will still be required to meet statutory reporting requirements under the Water Act 2000.

More information

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The $3.7 million Increase Telemetry Capability project is delivered by Queensland with funding from the Australian Government.

Last updated: 25 Jan 2023