Subsidising telemetry

The department has published the non-urban water measurement policy (PDF, 2.1MB) that establishes the intent to require telemetry on surface water meters in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.

These devices will transmit metered data in near real-time and are especially useful to monitor take that is time and event based (for example, where water may only be taken when certain flow conditions occur).

The Australian Government has provided $3.7 million to subsidise the cost of telemetry to non-urban water meters.

This initiative will help to drive transparent and sustainable rural water management across Queensland.

The intended outcomes of telemetry are:

  • timely information – to assist water users with their business decisions
  • efficiency – telemetry reduces the need for water users to physically go to the meter site
  • data integrity and auditability – giving greater confidence to the community that water is being taken according to legal frameworks and licence conditions
  • efficient river and water management – the department can manage regulated rivers more efficiently with up-to-date information and government can better monitor water usage.

Consultation told us that privacy, data security and integration with existing on farm systems were key things to consider in developing the telemetry requirements.  These considerations continue to help inform our approach.

Holders of non-urban surface water meter entitlements are encouraged to register their interest.

Register your interest

Last updated: 25 Jan 2023