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Our first round of public consultation is now open.

Everyone interested in water management in the Gulf is welcome to provide a written submission by 17 July 2024.

Your submission can include anything you would like us to consider as part of the water plan review. This could be issues you have with the current water plan or the reasons we’re replacing the water plan.

Include as much detail as possible.

You can include your contact details if you are happy for us to contact you to talk about your submission.

If you are interested in being part of the Gulf water plan working group to help shape the new water plan, please let us know when you provide your submission.


The scope of this review is limited to the management and allocation of water.

Any issues or comments relating to the assessment or approval of infrastructure proposals should be referred to the Office of the Coordinator-General.

Use the submission option that suits you.
A computer screen with a form on itComplete the online form. (Right click to open in a new window)
It contains the questions from each of the issue pages.
You can add attachments.
Remember: Include your contact details if you want to be contacted or included in the working group.
Submit when you're done.
A form with a pen over itComplete the pdf form (PDF, 546.3KB).
It contains the questions from each of the issue pages.
Email it to us at NorthWPS@rdmw.qld.gov.au or post to us when you're done.
An old-style phone handset with sound wavesCall us on 1800 822 100 (toll free) and tell us what you think.
An email at symbolEmail us NorthWPS@rdmw.qld.gov.au your completed form or your written submission.
Folded back of a paper envelope

Post a written submission to us.

Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water
Attn: Water Planning and Science, North Region
PO Box 156
Mareeba Qld 4880


From when we start a review to when the new plan is formally adopted takes several years.

Learn more about the five steps of the process.

Current status

The status of this review is step one: commencement. We ask everyone for their ideas and suggestions through public consultation.

We will be working with commuity groups and stakeholders  and will provide opportunities for you to meet us and talk about the water plan review. We'll tell you when these sessions are organised

We are at the first step of the water plan review process. © Queensland Government

Future status

Step two: We review feedback and use technical assessments to develop the draft new water plan 2024-2026

Step three: We release the draft for second round of public consultation 2026

Step four: We review and finalise 2026-2027

Step five: New water plan in place 2027

Last updated: 15 Mar 2024