Updating the science

Since the water plan was made in 2007, significant new scientific information has been collected on the water requirements of ecosystems. The ability to monitor stream flows and groundwater levels has also improved.

We are developing a new hydrological model that will incorporate the additional stream flow data and other information derived from:

  • ecological modelling and assessment
  • social and economic assessment
  • engagement with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • climate change assessment.

This new information will be used to update the water plan, including water allocation security objectives and environmental flow objectives to ensure sustainable water management.

Our areas of focus for water planning science are arranged across eight themes which are all influenced by climate change and uncertainty. This is detailed in our Water planning science plan (PDF, 10.1MB) and our storymap.

Eight themes, ecological asset, landscape ecohydrology, groundwater dependencies, catchment threats, hydrology, cultural values, social and economic values, assessment and evaluation © Queensland Government

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Last updated: 15 Mar 2024