Water available for Brisbane community groups and businesses

08 May 2023

Community groups in Brisbane and surrounds will have an opportunity to capitalise on the release of 100 megalitres of water in the Lower Brisbane River and Cabbage Tree Creek sub-catchment areas, at no cost aside from a nominal licence fee, when the Queensland Government opens applications on 8 May 2023.

A Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water spokesperson Hamish Butler said these additional water licences for community groups and small commercial enterprises were designed to help them save on costs of providing high-quality facilities for the local community and support small business.

“This water would ordinarily be a significant cost to an organisation to purchase, however, we wanted to help community groups by offering this opportunity to secure water at just the cost of an annual licence fee which applies to all water licences.

“The department has a reserve of 100ML of surface water that is available in these sub-catchments and we want to disburse it in a way that benefits clubs and groups that perhaps irrigate sporting fields or gardens that are used by the community,” he said.

The water is also open to small businesses in the area, although these applicants will pay a price to purchase their water.

“We also want to make this water available to small businesses in the area so that they can capitalise on this opportunity too.

“There are still significant savings to be made because those water users are usually buying town water.

“The new licences may be purchased through a fixed price sale at $800/ML for eligible small businesses and this water will be more affordable than taking water from urban supplies” he said.

The 100ML water reserve is currently unallocated under the region’s water plan, which means using it will not impact the local environment or existing water users. By making this water available for use by local facilities and businesses, the Queensland Government is helping the community and economy get the most out of the State’s water resources.

Providing this water for use will also reduce demand levels on the SEQ Water Grid, which will help keep water in the grid so we’re more prepared for drought conditions.

Depending on the intended use of the water, and scale of operations, applicants can apply to use volumes up to 10ML per year. The water release will be open for two years, or until the available volume of water has been exhausted, with licences granted of a first-come-first-served basis.

More information on available water products, who is eligible and how to apply is detailed in the Terms of Sale available online at www.Business.qld.gov.au (search for ‘Moreton unallocated water’).

Or, to talk to someone about this water, email unallocatedwaterseq@rdmw.qld.gov.au or phone 1800 566 065.


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Last updated: 08 May 2023