Growing water needs answered with new licences for Comet, Nebo

05 May 2023

Town water supplies have been secured for the growing townships of Comet and Nebo with the allocation of new water licences to Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) and Isaac Regional Council (IRC).

The licences will support water supply and future population growth for both towns through access to unallocated water under the Strategic Reserve of the Fitzroy Basin Water Plan.

Unallocated water is held back and can be made available for future use without compromising the security of existing users or the environmental values within a catchment or a groundwater management area.

Based on current growth, the Central Highlands Regional Council predicts Comet’s water demands will more than double, from the 68ML per person per year, to the 142ML per person per year, by 2041.

The department's decision to grant CHRC the water licence will allow the council to take water from the Comet River impounded by the Comet Weir, without requiring new or changes to existing infrastructure.

Similarly, Isaac Regional Council modelling forecasts 1.5 per cent population growth, which would mean in the future the town will require access to more water. The new water licence will allow IRC to take groundwater from the six existing town bores.

“The department is committed to supporting small regional communities by providing access to water supplies,” Executive Director North Region Ingrid Fomiatti Minnesma said.

“Granting these water licences will allow these councils to meet future water demand while ensuring that existing water entitlements and ecological outcomes are not impacted.”

Measures will be included to monitor water levels and protect existing water users. The water licences will support the councils' efforts to provide clean and safe drinking water to their communities while promoting sustainable water management practices.


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Last updated: 05 May 2023