Irrigators urged to plan ahead for meter validator shortage

17 August 2023

The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water is urging irrigators in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin to avoid frustrating delays and to get their water meters revalidated well ahead of the predicted October and November last-minute rush.

Queensland non-urban water meters in these areas must be revalidated to ensure the meter has been properly installed and is accurately measuring water being taken.

This program of revalidating non-urban water meters is being undertaken in stages, with certain irrigators in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin required to be validated by the 30 November 2023 deadline.

South Region Executive Director Hamish Butler said the program supported sustainable water management practices.

“The department is improving the way we measure non-urban water take across Queensland, making sure our water resources are sustainably managed while also supporting water users and the environment,” he said.

“With our water metering program underway, we’re improving the standard and coverage of non-urban water meters in Queensland using a staged approach across our regions.”

The validation process will check that the water meter accurately records how much water is taken and this ensures that irrigators are receiving their full water entitlement.

To book a meter validation, find an authorised meter validator (AMV) at

“With the number of authorised meter validators available in the region, this may result in delays for people who leave it until October or November to book their validation,” he said.

“Without a validated meter, you cannot legally take water so my advice is to get in sooner, rather than later. If you are struggling with meeting the timeframe, reach out to department and we can assist or provide advice on how to proceed.”

If irrigators were seeking more information they could email the department, call or visit the website.

P: 07 3330 5441 or visit
W: and search for ‘water meter approval and validation’.


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Last updated: 17 Aug 2023