Transparency improved with new website for water and sewerage sector

23 June 2023

Improving transparency in the water and sewerage sector, the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water has launched Queensland’s Urban Water Explorer, a publicly accessible website that provides a vast collection of data about every urban water and sewerage service provider across Queensland.

This powerful tool is designed to share information on water bills, volumes of water sourced and supplied, typical consumption, water security, service reliability, and a snapshot of financial data.

Executive Director Strategic Water Initiatives Stephenie Hogan said the tool will be helpful to the community who wanted to understand a little-known sector better, but also, importantly, it will be helpful for water service providers to compare their performance with other providers.

“This new dashboard is very easy to understand, with interactive elements that allow the website visitor to compare water services and performance,” she said.

The website and the transparency it offers has been welcomed by the sector.

qldwater CEO Georgina Davis said: “The Explorer is a great way to raise the profile of this essential service and it will serve to make this industry more visible to the general public - a key theme of our recent Water Skills Forum.”

Department spokesperson Stephenie Hogan said the website tool would provide an accurate picture across a range of metrics about how different providers performed.

“However, I’d like to highlight that this is not a typical ‘comparison’ tool that allows the general public to make a decision about their provider. Queenslanders don’t have a choice when it comes to who provides the water that comes out of the tap, or who manages their wastewater,” she said. “But what this tool can do is help drive competition through information transparency among the providers.”

“This will help service providers to monitor and compare their performance with other providers, identify what is working well or areas for improvement and budget priorities.”

Ms Hogan said the urban water sector played an important role in supporting Queensland’s economy, lifestyle and environment.

“The launch of Queensland’s Urban Water Explorer is the first step the department is taking to improve the collection, management and accessibility of urban water data,” Ms Hogan said.

“Over the coming years, we will be working closely with the urban water sector to make further improvements to Queensland’s Urban Water Explorer and improve understanding and transparency for Queensland’s water sector.”

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Last updated: 23 Jun 2023