Manufacturing Benchmark Program

The Manufacturing Benchmarking Service assists manufacturers in comparing their businesses against national and global standards and understanding their opportunities to further develop their business.

Industry 4.0 processes and practices are critical to developing an advanced manufacturing industry in Queensland that is sustainable and globally connected.


Benchmarking is the process of comparing your business against your competitors or other similar-sized businesses in your industry or local area.

There are two types of benchmarking:

  • factual, where actual numbers are compared, and
  • subjective, where a person's opinion is recorded.

Benefits of Benchmarking

Benchmarking can help businesses:

  • understand what your customers need
  • identify what costs you could reduce
  • improve the efficiency of your business
  • set realistic expectations and goals for the future
  • examine how you are performing compared to the rest of the market
  • assess the productivity of your employees
  • identify opportunities for improvement, new ideas and innovative practices
  • understand your competitors
  • forecast the impact of any changes in your market.
  • You can benchmark different areas of your business such as processes, products, sales and finances.

What you get

The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water will subsidise 50% of the manufacturing benchmark cost performed by our authorised supplier. The service is for Queensland manufacturers looking to benchmark their business’s resource use, waste and carbon emissions and develop a detailed action plan to reduce costs and their environmental footprint, on their journey to Industry 4.0.

The benchmark service provider

The ECO Efficiency Group is the current authorised supplier of manufacturing benchmark service. The department is working to expand the range of benchmark services and suppliers in the coming months to include a range of benchmarks suited to manufacturers on their journey to Industry 4.0

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, your business must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be a manufacturing enterprise employing at least five full-time equivalent employees
  • be non-tax-exempt
  • be registered for the goods and services tax (GST)
  • have manufacturing operation located in Queensland
  • be Queensland based, or the majority of manufacturing operations in Queensland
  • not currently be subjected to insolvency or criminal prosecution.

Application process

  1. Submit your interest through the expression of interest form.
  2. A representative from the department will get in touch with the applicant to explain the available options under the manufacturing benchmark.
  3. The manufacturer will inform the department representative of their decision to proceed further.
  4. Should the manufacturer choose to proceed with the benchmarking, the vendor will invoice the manufacturer for 50% of the benchmarking cost.
  5. Vendor will commence the benchmarking after the 50% payment is received.
  6. The vendor will provide the detailed benchmark report to the manufacturer and provide a consultancy to explain the report.
  7. Vendor will invoice the department for the remaining 50% of the benchmarking cost.


Please submit your expression of interest. One of our department representatives will get in touch with you to discuss further about the program.

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Last updated: 05 Aug 2022