Industry 4.0 initiatives

The Queensland Government is committed to delivering a number of initiatives, including Industry 4.0 seminars and masterclasses, Technology in Manufacturing and the Digital Connectivity programs to support manufacturers in their transition to becoming advanced manufacturers.

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Introduction to Industry 4.0 seminars

To introduce concepts of industry 4.0 and its applications, a series of seminars for manufacturers will run across Queensland to highlight the opportunities and challenges that the adoption of emerging technologies in manufacturing presents.

Industry 4.0 masterclasses

The Industry 4.0 masterclasses support businesses to gain a deeper understanding of industry 4.0 concepts and how these can be adopted to improve their business.

The next round of seminars will be held in 2023 and will include two workshop options, one focusing on integrated systems and the other on workforce attraction and development.

Digital Connectivity Program

A program to help manufacturers understand digital connectivity, and its importance, across all areas of their business.

A key element of Industry 4.0 adoption is having a digital strategy and understanding how digital technologies can connect all areas of the business to maximise efficiency and increase productivity and profitability.

Four lunch-time sessions addressing digital connectivity for manufacturers will be delivered online. The program will assist manufacturers to understand digital connectivity, and its importance, across all areas of their business.

Technology in Manufacturing

Technology in Manufacturing events raise awareness of new technologies, help manufacturers to understand technology implementation and provide insight into new jobs available through Industry 4.0.

These half-day events include a showcase and practical demonstration of selected emerging technologies and their applications in manufacturing.

Last updated: 05 Aug 2022