Queensland BrewLab services

From early 2020, you can access state-of-the-art brewing equipment at the Queensland BrewLab. Use the brewing equipment to develop and test new recipes without interrupting your own brewery’s production lines.

In the BrewLab pilot plant brewing room, you’ll find:

  • a 250-litre brewhouse
  • a 250-litre cylindroconical fermentation vessel
  • a 250-litre brite beer tank
  • a 500-litre cylindroconical fermentation vessel
  • kegging facilities.

Plus, BrewLab is the perfect place to brew your sour beers. Having a separate facility to keep wild yeast out of contact with brewer’s yeast reduces the risk of contamination.

Quality assurance testing

Brewing beer is an art and a science. As part of BrewLab, food scientists can test your product and assure its quality. Get your beer tested for data like alcohol content, colour and acidity levels.

And through the BrewLab, you can access the Grains Quality Research Lab in Toowoomba to ensure your craft beer ingredients are up to standard.

Tasting and sensory services

Have your beer tasted by a panel of ‘super tasters’ or consumer focus groups at the BrewLab. Tasting services in the sensory lab can help you identify target markets and opportunities for product improvement.

You can even get your own staff trained in tasting so they know how to identify precise flavours and tastes when working in their usual brewing environment.


The Queensland BrewLab is part of the Queensland Government food pilot plant at the Health and Food Sciences Precinct.

39 Kessels Road, Coopers Plains, Brisbane

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Last updated: 24 Mar 2021