Telemetry trial

Telemetry installed on water meters will give better information about water use in Queensland and make it easier for water users to meet their obligations to provide water meter reads to the department.

Devices must be able to cope with Queensland’s harsh conditions, as well as meet the strict requirements of the Queensland Government Information Security Classification Framework, a mandated Government policy relating to how government departments handle and manage digital data.

We trialled 47 devices across 11 remote sites in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin, to test device connectivity and accuracy and data transfer and management.

The trial found that telemetry is possible with a range of devices and networks, and that the data can be captured, transmitted, stored, and used within the department.

DRDMW engaged Tractix to provide an independent review of the telemetry trial (PDF, 2.76 MB), focussing on telemetry devices, network carriers and third-party platforms.

Next steps

The department heard from manufacturers, suppliers, installers and water users about the capabilities of devices that are already available in Queensland.

Based on the feedback, a standard to guide the use of telemetry in Queensland is being developed and will be published later in the year.

The Australian Government is providing funds to subsidise the cost of telemetry to support water entitlement holders install compliant telemetry devices in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.

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Last updated: 10 Mar 2023