Rail Manufacturing Strategy for Queensland

Major changes are taking place worldwide in the rail industry and an era of expansion in rail infrastructure is unfolding. More demand for rail transport, flexible customer-focused transport systems, and new technologies are driving growth in rail manufacturing.

Queensland’s rail manufacturing sector is well positioned to become a leading provider of rail manufacturing products and services.

Our rail manufacturing sector contributes $600 million to the Queensland economy, provides 3,700 direct jobs, and in 2018-19 generated $1.7 billion in revenue.

The Queensland Government’s Rail Manufacturing Strategy for Queensland will strengthen, transform and revitalise the state’s rail manufacturing sector.

The strategy focuses on 4 key areas to boost the sector:

  1. Developing a sustainable rail manufacturing sector
  2. Optimising local content
  3. Building skills and capabilities
  4. Strengthening Queensland’s rail manufacturing ecosystem to drive investment and exports.

For Queensland to win a greater share of the national market, our manufacturers must build on and expand their current capabilities. New technology such as robotics, autonomous systems, digital design, sensors and big data analytics will play a major role in transforming rail in the future.

This strategy will help to create the perfect conditions for Queensland’s rail manufacturing sector to successfully attract private sector investment, capture a substantial portion of the national rail market, and create jobs.

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Last updated: 16 Jun 2021