Queensland Beef Processing Strategy

Protecting and growing manufacturing jobs into the future is a priority for the Queensland Government, and supporting growth of the beef processing industry is part of our plan for a flourishing Queensland manufacturing sector.

Queensland Beef Processing Strategy 2019-22

The Queensland Beef Processing Strategy 2019-22 (PDF, 2.7MB) will support one of the state’s largest manufacturing industries.

The strategy has been developed following extensive consultation with major beef processors and representative bodies about the challenges facing the industry and the opportunities to work in partnership with industry to respond to these challenges.

It sets out a range of actions to support and develop the beef processing sector, focusing on four priority areas:

  • Priority 1: Enhancing industry engagement and representation
  • Priority 2: Ensuring efficient movement of livestock and freight (road and rail)
  • Priority 3: Building and retaining a skilled workforce
  • Priority 4: Investing in supply chain and processing efficiency.

About Queensland’s Beef Processing Industry

Queensland is a significant global beef processor, servicing domestic and global markets with high-quality beef products. In a typical year, almost 50 per cent of all Australian beef and veal products are processed in Queensland.

Queensland processes 1.08 million tonnes of beef and veal per year, or 48.1% of beef and veal products processed in Australia.

The beef processing industry directly and indirectly supports regional businesses right through the beef supply chain. It is a major regional employer providing skilled employment opportunities including processing, food technology, trades, administration, professional and marketing roles.

Queensland’s beef industry operates in a highly competitive environment. It is essential processing costs are minimised for the industry to maintain global market share. Extreme climatic conditions and weather events are among some of the challenges facing the industry.

More information

  • Further enquiries about the Queensland Beef Processing Strategy 2019-22 can be directed to info@dsdmip.qld.gov.au.

Last updated: 24 Mar 2021