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We're supporting Queensland’s manufacturers and helping them remain globally competitive. Our 10-year plan is designed to increase the adoption of leading-edge design, innovation, technologies, processes and practices.

Inside Advanced Manufacturing 2021

Inside Advanced Manufacturing 2021 will be held statewide from 12 to 16 July 2021. During the week, a selection of Queensland’s top manufacturers will open their doors to showcase their innovative manufacturing techniques and technologies to other manufacturers.

We invite you to join us for a behind-the-scenes tour where you will learn from Queensland's early adopters of innovative and cutting-edge processes, systems and technologies. Digital technologies, robotics, automation and software integration will all be on show.

View the list of exhibitors below and register your interest to participate in a tour of their facility.


  • Gladstone

    Mecha Engineering

    Mecha Engineered Solutions

    Tour dates and times: Wednesday 14 July (12-1pm) and Thursday 15 July (8-9am)

    Mecha Engineering specialise in all aspects of rotating equipment providing fixed-plant solutions to major industry, including processing, oil and gas, power generation, mining, marine and manufacturing. Mecha helps clients reduce maintenance costs and increase the availability of their assets by applying a systemised and bespoke approach to projects. The VR technology, 3D printing and rapid prototyping process enables all parties involved to explore and share in project design.

    Participants will tour the Mecha workshop and witness the team using some of their state-of-the-art equipment, including:

    • the Reverse engineering scanner and material tester
    • the AAB IRB 4400L articulated robot which has increased workshop efficiencies, and reduced the risk of injury to operators
    • the Thunderbolt 250 which has revolutionized the use of sledgehammers
    • the grit recycling blast booth and the Valspar 2Pac Paint Booth, which allows Mecha to offer paint services to micron specifications.


    Saleyards Distillery

    Saleyards Distillery

    Tour dates and times: Thursday 15 July (12-1pm) and Friday 16 July (12-1pm)

    Saleyards Distillery is a small batch distillery crafting premium spirits and liqueurs. Rum is the heart of their operation and is manufactured in their Rockhampton distillery in their state-of-the-art copper rum still which is the only one of its kind in Australia.

    Participants will tour their recently reopened Rockhampton distillery to see the manufacturing and bottling process in action. Led by one of the head distillers, participants will be taken through the working distillery learning about the process and procedures that have seen Saleyards grow into a world-renowned manufacturer.

  • Toowoomba

    Wagners CFT


    Tour dates and times: Monday 12 July (12-1pm) and Wednesday 14 July (8-9am)

    Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies (CFT) manufactures composite fibre material for use as boardwalks, bridges, walkways, marinas and crossarms for the electrical sector. Their pioneering use of composite materials and unique pull-winding process has seen them supply infrastructure projects around Australia and the globe.

    Participants will tour their Wellcamp facility to learn about their adoption of industry 4.0 manufacturing practices and technology that has enabled Wagners CFT to deliver smarter outcomes for its customers, while ensuring the best value for money.

    DCISIV Technologies

    DCISV Technologies

    Tour dates and times: Tuesday 13 July (12-1pm) and Wednesday 14 July (12-1pm)

    DCISIV Technologies are manufacturing a technically advanced product with a very unique encoder solution and using high quality 3D printers to manufacture complex componentry cost-effectively. They embrace additive manufacturing and robotics to manufacturer robotic automation for small and medium-sized enterprises and deliver turnkey robotic automation solutions from concept to installation and commissioning.

    Participants will be taken into the workshop to learn about how DCISIV uses robots, automation and 3D printing technology to provide high quality, economical solutions to their client's manufacturing challenges.

  • Cairns

    NEAMCO (Northern Engineering and Manufacturing Company)


    Tour dates and times: Tuesday 13 July (12-1pm) and Wednesday 14 July (12-1pm)

    NEAMCO specialises in best-practice manufacture, overhaul and repair of systems and components for a wide range of industries and engineering projects utilising both state of the art computer-controlled CNC machining centres and conventional machines.

    Participants will tour NEAMCO’s industry-leading engineering and manufacturing facility in Cairns featuring more than 4,000m2 of advanced manufacturing capability under one roof.

    CIE Australia

    CIE Industries

    Tour dates and times: Tuesday 13 July (8-9am) and Wednesday 14 July (8-9am)

    CIE Australia design, manufacture and maintain, superior engineered mining solutions which perform each and every time in the toughest environmental and operational conditions.

    Participants will get to view their extensive CAD/CNC capability workshop and demonstration of their advanced manufacturing technology, including their new specialised laser, which is powered by the NitroCube (a first for Queensland).

  • Meadowbrook

    Frontline Manufacturing

    Frontline Manufacturing

    Tour date and time: Wednesday 14 July (8-9am)

    Frontline Manufacturing is the go-to facility for manufacturing medium to large metal components and structures. Their services include precision CNC machining turning, CNC Bending, Laser plasma cutting, pressed components, custom jigging and high precision robotic welding.

    Participants will see some of this technology, equipment and staff in action, and will hear how a professional planning factory service that incorporated reverse engineering practices allowed Frontline to scale their business to build capacity and resilience. Participants will also gain exposure to the innovative technologies, best practice techniques and processes and insights into quality, safety and certification standards expected by their defence clients. They will also hear how upskilling staff and equipment in the welding arena was a company game changer.


    EM Solutions

    EM Solutions

    Tour dates and times: Tuesday 13 July (8-9am) and Thursday 15 July (8-9am)

    EM Solutions is a trusted technology developer of products that deliver high-speed telecommunications. Their principal activity is the design, assembly, test, and support of high-end broadband radio transceivers and satellite communications-on-the-move terminals for a broad array of customers, including the Australian Defence Force and various prime systems integrators.

    Participants will go inside the EM Solutions’ facility and learn how EM Solutions have become a global leader in supplying state of the art Satcom terminals and microwave radio links to their customers.


    Geofabrics Australia

    Geofabics Australia

    Tour dates and times: Tuesday 13 July (8-9am) and Thursday 15 July (12-1pm)

    Geofabrics is Australasia’s geosynthetic specialist and they are passionate about building the nation’s road, rail, landfill and renewables infrastructure with Australian-made sustainable products.

    Participants will tour their state-of-the-art facility to view the technology and techniques that Geofabrics use to design geosynthetic solutions to best meet client’s performance and economic requirements.


    Mexx Engineering

    Mexx Engineering

    Tour dates and times: Tuesday 13 July (12-1pm) and Friday 16 July (12-1pm)

    Mexx Engineering® are robotics and automation specialists who design, build and install special purpose machines for a variety of industries including manufacturing, defence, construction, agriculture, food, mining, and pharmaceutical.

    They are at the forefront of industry 4.0 and robotic automation technology and offer turnkey solutions to clients.

    Participants will tour their facility to understand how Mexx Engineering integrates industry 4.0 technology in their manufacturing process, including robotic welding, simulations and AMR (Automated Mobile Robot) technology.


    PT Automation Solutions

    PT Automation Solutions

    Tour dates and times: Tuesday 13 July (3-4pm) and Friday 16 July (8-9am)

    PT Automation Solutions (PTAS) is an electrical contracting and engineering company specialising in high value, industrial and public infrastructure standard electrical control systems.

    Participants will tour their Nerang facility to learn about their adoption of industry 4.0 manufacturing practices, and how advanced technology enabled them to scale their business while delivering high quality, reliable and cost-effective outcomes for clients.


    Sharpe Engineering

    Sharpe Engineering Virginia workshop

    Tour dates and times: Tuesday 13 July (12-1pm) and Wednesday 14 July (12-1pm)

    Sharpe Engineering is a family-owned company providing quality driven engineering and manufacturing solutions to the oil and gas industry since 1995.

    Sharpe operates state-of-the-art equipment including CNC lathes, milling machines, manual machines, deep hole boring drills, automatic saws and the latest engineering design AutoDesk Inventor drawing and analysis software. CNC Machines are programmed using CAD/CAM software systems which allow for efficient and accurate part manufacturing.

    Participants will tour their manufacturing hub at Virginia, a modern workshop focused on custom drilling and completion tools as well as pressure control equipment. The facility holds certification to API Q1 and API Spec 6A and Sharpe Engineering recently added the new American Petroleum Institute (API) qualification: ISO 9001:2015 APIQR to its Quality Management System.

    Sanofi Australia: Consumer Healthcare

    Sanofi Australia: Consumer Healthcare

    Tour date and time: Monday 12 July (12-1pm)

    Sanofi Australia is part of a global healthcare organisation spanning 170 countries. In Australia and New Zealand, Sanofi’s Consumer Healthcare team is made up of more than 350 people who research, develop, manufacture and market a wide range of vitamins, mineral and supplements as well as over-the-counter products. Their Brisbane manufacturing facility has seen more than $40 million invested in recent years, to support best-in-class production, research and testing carried out by our scientific, quality and production teams.

    Participants will tour Sanofi Australia: Consumer Healthcare's world-class manufacturing facility in Virginia to learn about their adoption of industry 4.0 manufacturing practices and technology that has enabled them to become global leaders in healthcare solutions.




    Tour dates and times: Monday 12 July (8-9am)

    Tubeworx are specialists in CNC Mandrel tube/pipe bending and automotive tubing and hoses manufacturing. They have invested in the latest technology, which includes the use of 3D scanning to reverse engineer or check parts. This, combined with their in-house CAD design and investment into the latest CNC bending equipment, permits them to give customers the best possible results.

    Participants will tour Tubeworx’s advanced manufacturing facility which features state-of-the-art technology and equipment and is fully networked with all processes managed through ERP barcoding. Demonstrations will include the latest CNC bending equipment, 3D laser scanning technology, advanced cutting and data systems that have transformed their business. Tubeworx will also discuss how reverse engineering practices enable high level collaboration with their customer base and how the customers' needs are at the forefront of the business's success.

  • Sarina

    Wilmar Bio Ethanol

    Wilmar BioEthanol PIC

    Tour dates and times: Monday 12 July (8-9am) and Wednesday 14 July (8-9am)

    Wilmar Sugar Australia is a leading Australian producer of ethanol products and a leader in the renewable energy market with heavy investment in both fuel grade ethanol and electricity production. Their Sarina Distillery started operating in 1927 and while their primary purpose was initially industrial alcohol, focus has now shifted to being able to make multiple grades to match industrial and fuel market requirements.

    Participants will learn how Wilmar Bioethanol upgraded their manufacturing facility in order to diversify its product offering and increase capacity to make 60 million litres of ethanol annually.


    Werner Engineering

    Werner Group

    Tour dates and times: Wednesday 14 July (12-1pm) and Thursday 15 July (12-1pm)

    Operating since 1982, Werner Engineering specialises in the manufacture and repair of parts for the mining, transport, sugar, agricultural and local industries. They use the latest technology to offer fast, accurate and high-quality workmanship to minimise down time and increase productivity and efficiency for their clients.

    Participants will tour their spacious machine shop featuring CNC and manual machines, as well as state of the art boiler making and fitting areas that are fully equipped to fit, fabricate and repair just about anything.

  • Townsville

    Doehler Group

    Doehler Townsville

    Tour dates and times: Monday 12 July (12-1pm) and Wednesday 14 July (12-1pm)

    Doehler Townsville specialises in functional dried fruit pieces, value-add fruit purees, pastes, syrups and preps.

    Participants will get to view their two advanced packing lines, their dried fruit processing line and an Aseptic packing line that uses steam technology to pack purees, paste, syrups and preps in a sterilised bladder, in multiple sizes and formats ranging from 10L up to 1,000L, depending on the client’s needs and storage options.

    Australian Expedition Vehicles

    Australian Expedition Vehicles

    Tour dates and times: Wednesday 14 July (8-9am) and Thursday 15 July (8-9am)

    Australian Expedition Vehicles (AEV) is a unique Townsville-based company specialising in engineering and workshop modifications on vehicles for commercial and recreation use. Their signature product is the civilian version of the long-range patrol vehicle (LRPV) created for military use.

    The team will take participants through their workshop to demonstrate the techniques and technologies that have allowed them to conceptualise and create this LRPV as well as custom builds for clients, and discuss how embracing advanced manufacturing processes and investing in the latest technology have made them a one-stop vehicle modification shop.

  • Isis Central

    Oreco Group

    Oreco Group

    Tour dates and times: Thursday 15 July (8-9am and 12-1pm)

    The Oreco Group is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and horticultural products for both retail and commercial customers.

    Participants will tour the Oreco Group’s advanced manufacturing facility, which features state-of-the-art automated European machinery and equipment and their unique process of vertical integration. Participants will also view Australia’s largest industrial crop dryer, and Australia’s largest range of baling and packaging equipment, in the largest assortment of sizes.



    Nestle Gympie

    Tour dates and times: Thursday 15 July (9-11am)

    Nestlé is the world's largest food and beverage company. This impressive global powerhouse has more than 2,000 brands and is present in 187 countries. Nestlé has had a presence in Gympie since 1953 and manufactures Nescafé coffee.

    Participants will visit the Nestlé factory, home to Nescafé coffee, to review the robotics and the digitalisation of the workplace which have revolutionised two particular lines and will hear how the stoppage analysis module has significantly changed output and wastage. The Nestlé team will also showcase their newly implemented electronic modelling and share the statistics that this revolutionary tech has had on their plant line.

Inside Advanced Manufacturing 2019

As part of the 2019 Inside Advanced Manufacturing initiative, 3 videos featuring the advanced manufacturing and technologies from iOrthotics, Protonautics, and Visy were produced in partnership with the Gateway to Industry Schools Program for students interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing.

Check out some of our 2019 participants and their work here:




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