Assistance programs

    Design in Manufacturing seminar series

    With design influencing more than 70% of a product's final cost, increased use of design principles in manufacturing will help manufacturers.

    Inside Advanced Manufacturing

    A selection of Queensland’s top manufacturers opened their doors to other manufacturers and demonstrated their innovative manufacturing techniques and technologies in practice.

    Industry 4.0 initiatives

    From June to November 2021 we’re delivering Industry 4.0 seminars and masterclasses, a Digital Connectivity program and Technology in Manufacturing events. Find out how you can get involved here.

    Made in Queensland

    An initiative supporting small to medium manufacturers to increase international competitiveness, productivity and innovation.

    Manufacturing capability

    Manufacturers can benefit from a range of webinars and workshops to strengthen tender submissions and improve chances of success.

    Queensland Hackerspaces Grant program

    Funding for groups and organisations wanting to establish a new hackerspace or expand an already established hackerspace in their community.

    Women in Manufacturing

    With fresh opportunities emerging in advanced manufacturing, attracting highly skilled women into Queensland’s manufacturing industry is increasingly important.

    Regional manufacturing hubs

    To support the growth of regional manufacturers, $30 million has been invested into regional Manufacturing Hubs in Townsville, Cairns and Rockhampton.

    More assistance programs for industry

    Find more information for the manufacturing industry in Queensland.

Last updated: 24 Mar 2021