More water available in the Granite Belt to grow business and create new jobs

02 February 2021

Farmers, tourism operators and businesses in the Granite Belt can now bid for a share of more water to expand their operations and create jobs.

Once there is significant rainfall in the region and water starts flowing, 1060 megalitres of surface water from the Accommodation and Pike Creeks, south-west of Stanthorpe will be available.

This additional water gives businesses in the Granite Belt the opportunity to expand operations and create jobs in the community.

By making water available before any significant rainfall events, we are ensuring that businesses can prepare for future wet seasons and quickly access water to grow and recover from the impact of COVID-19 when appropriate flow volumes occur and within conditions on the water licences.

The surface water being made available once the watercourses are flowing will not affect water security in the region as it is unable to be used for town drinking water.

The department is working with council on a range of relief measures for urban water supplies.

The water has already been accounted for in the water planning process and is within sustainable usage limits.

The 1060 megalitres of surface water reserved from Accommodation and Pike Creeks, south-west of Stanthorpe, is available through a competitive tender process.

To apply for water or for more details about the unallocated surface water release, including information sessions, visit .

Last updated: 02 Feb 2021