Help review the Mary Basin water plan

31 May 2021

Queenslanders are encouraged to have their say on the review of the Mary Basin water plan which covers parts of the Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast and Gympie region.

With the commencement of this review, we’ve postponed the expiry of the current plan until May 2024 to provide sufficient time to undertake extensive consultation and technical assessments.

The water plan review will take into consideration new information about climate change and the risks and impacts to water allocation and management.

It will look into the water needs of iconic threatened species of the plan area including Mary River turtles, Mary River cod and the Australian lungfish to ensure management strategies are developed using the latest science and ecological knowledge.

Another key focus of the review will be the unallocated water reserves within the basin as we consider future urban, industrial and agricultural needs. These considerations need to be balanced against existing water requirements.

We’ll be engaging directly with Aboriginal communities across the Mary Basin water plan area to ensure cultural values, aspirations for water allocation and management help inform this review.

This early stakeholder input will help shape a draft replacement water plan which is expected to be released for further public consultation in late 2022 to ensure a fair and sustainable outcome for all.

Key documents which implement the plan, including the Water Management Protocol, Resource Operations Licence and Operations Manual, will be amended as necessary during the plan replacement process.

Queensland is divided into 22 water plan areas to balance the needs of water users and the environment at a catchment level. Underpinned by science and community consultation, water plans meet cultural, social, economic and environmental outcomes specific to the catchment.

Get involved and have your say on the proposal to replace the Mary Basin water plan.

Last updated: 31 May 2021